The 2022 Verification Questionnaire report cycle is open.

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ID Number Inactive?

Hazardous waste handlers that didn't complete their 2021 Verification Questionnaire (VQ) had their ID numbers inactivated due to non-compliance with Health and Safety Code section 25205.16. The inactive date was backdated to June 30, 2021. To reactivate your ID number, complete your 2022 VQ. Follow the steps below. 

1. Log into your eVQ account. Register for an account if you don't already have one.

2. Complete steps 1-5 of the questionnaire. You'll reactivate your ID number in step 3.

3. Pay for your fees, if any. Your ID number will be reactivated in 1-3 business days after your fees have been posted.

Pay Fees by Credit Card

To pay for your ID number verification and hazardous waste manifest fees
by credit card, please go to our payment processing system.